Moe picks Senator Sabo as running mate
By Ashley Grant
Associated Press
May 3, 2002

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - On the day the state DFL convention kicked off, Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe announced first-term state Sen. Julie Sabo as his running mate.

"She will be a significant force in the Moe administration, and the people of Minnesota will find, as I did, that this young woman represents the future and gives voice to the hopes and dreams of the younger generation," Moe said on Friday.

Sabo, 36, is the daughter of 5th District Congressman Martin Sabo. An elementary school teacher for nine years in the Minneapolis Public School system, she has been on leave since being elected in 2000. She also has served as co-chairwoman of the local teachers union.

Most of her legislative attention has been on early childhood and K-12 education, housing and land use.

"I'm honored to team up with Roger," Sabo said. "I believe Roger Moe is the most qualified and experienced leader to ever seek the office of governor in Minnesota."

The announcement was made at the front doors of the DFL convention surrounded by a crowd of people holding "Moementum" signs. Sabo's selection gives geographical and gender balance to the Moe ticket.

Moe is from the northwestern Minnesota city of Erskine, and Sabo represents a chunk of southeastern Minneapolis. It also provides age balance - Sabo's son and Moe's grandson were born days apart last year.

"We both have our eyes on the future and our heart on the present," Sabo said.

Moe said Sabo will be an integral part of his administration and will help young working families know they will be represented.

"Not only will they be heard, but they will have a seat at the table," Moe said.

As a state senator, Sabo said she has seen Moe's ability to bring people together, to build coalitions and bring positive change in a variety of areas.

Sabo also mentioned how Moe and her father are alike - "They are both passionate Norwegians."

Sabo is married to attorney Peter Baatrup and they have one son, 9-month-old Jakob.

On Thursday, state Auditor Judi Dutcher selected Duluth state Rep. Thomas Huntley to be her running mate. Sen. Becky Lourey earlier tapped former Star Tribune publisher Joel Kramer as her running mate.

The state convention began Friday. All three candidates - Moe, Dutcher and Lourey - have agreed to abide by the party's endorsement, meaning who's not selected by delegates Saturday will drop out of the race.

Moe's selection helped squash speculation that he would ask Dutcher to be his running mate if he was endorsed. Dutcher also said Thursday that "under absolutely no circumstances will I be a lieutenant governor candidate with Senator Moe."

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