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•The candidates for state auditor discussed the campaign and their qualifications during an appearance on MPR's Midday program. Listen (10/21/02)


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Minnesota State Auditor
At-A-Glance Two-term auditor Judi Dutcher isn't running for re-election. The four candidates vying to replace her are having a tough time getting anyone to pay attention to the race. It may be worth paying attention, because the auditor's office can be a stepping stone to higher positions. Two recent auditors -- Arne Carlson and Mark Dayton -- have gone on to be elected governor and U.S. senator. (More)
The Candidates

Pat Awada Patti Anderson Awada (GOP)
Republican Patti Anderson Awada is the mayor of Eagan. She says she tries to get voters interested in the office by talking about the state's budget deficit, and how it will affect local governments and school districts. Awada says voters are most interested in what happens to school funding. She says if she's elected, she wants to make it easier for people to find out where the money goes.
Education: Graduated from the University of Minnesota in with a degree in International Relations, and later earned her M.A. in public administration from Hamline University.
Occupation: Mayor of Eagan, Minn.
Age: 36
Personal: Married (Michael). Four children.
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Carol Johnson (DFL)
Carol Johnson has worked in the state treasurer's office for more than 15 years, and is currently the state treasurer. She says the experience has prepared her for the job of Auditor. Johnson defeated DFL-endorsed candidate Greg Gray in the primary, which some political observers attributed to her statewide name recognition and common Scandinavian name. Johnson says her name is an advantage only because people know her as the state treasurer.
Education: Lakefield High School, Jackson County, Minn.; Lutheran Bible Institute
Occupation: Serving first time as state treasurer.
Age: 61, Born Jan. 28, 1941 in Lakefield, Minn.
Personal: Divorced. Two adult children and three grandchildren.
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Dave Hutcheson Dave Hutcheson (IP)
Dave Hutcheson says he's qualified to be state auditor, with a background in the military, business and education. He currently teaches management at the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University. Hutcheson says his advantage is that he's a political independent.
Education: Studied for an MBA at Tulane University, 1968-70.
Occupation: Former program manager, business planning manager, military analyst for Honeywell and Hughes Aircraft. Retired educator.
Age: 66
Resides: North St. Paul, Minn.
Personal: Married (Elizabeth). 13 children.
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Dave Berger Dave Berger (Green)
Berger lists his priorities as affordable housing, livable wages, education and the environment. Berger, who teaches sociology and criminal justice at Inver Hills Community College, says there are ways the state auditor can get involved in social justice issues. Berger says the auditor can promote the use of renewable energy, and encourage local governments to buy products from companies that pay livable wages.
Education: Attended Hamline University and University of Minnesota. B.A. degree in political science and sociology. Masters degree in sociology.
Occupation: Sociology, anthropology and criminal justice instructor at Inver Hills Community College
Age: 39.
Personal: Resides in St. Paul
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