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Minnesota Secretary of State
At-A-Glance Minnesota's only statewide Republican office-holder is running for re-election this year. Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer is facing challengers on three fronts, including DFLer Buck Humphrey, Independence Party candidate Dean Alger, and Green Party nominee Andrew Koebrick. The race isn't generating as much attention as the governor's contest or the tight U.S. Senate race, but the four secretary of state candidates say the match-up is crucial to the future administration of the state's elections. (More)
The Candidates

Dean Alger Dean Alger (IP)
He was the Minnesota director of "The Alliance for Better Campaigns," a national election-reform initiative. Dr. Alger is author of The Media and Politics, 2nd ed., published in fall, 1995, co-author of Crosstalk: Citizens, Candidates and Media in a Presidential Campaign, published in April, 1996, and author of "Megamedia", published 2000. He is also author or co-author of numerous professional papers on the political advertising, the media's role in elections, and related subject matter. Alger says he supports instant run-off balloting.
Education: B.A., Whittier College. Masters and Ph.D., University of California, Riverside.
Occupation: Political consultant.
Age: 54.
Personal: Resides in Minneapolis.
Web site:

Buck Humphrey Hubert "Buck" Humphrey (DFL)
Humphrey, the grandson of the late vice president, was the state director for the Al Gore campaign in Minnesota in 2000. He worked for AgriBank in St. Paul, and as the Chief Operating Officer of the eleven-state St. Paul District Farm Credit Council and as manager of government affairs. He was also assistant to the secretary for congressional relations at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Education: B.A., American University; M.A., Hamline University.
Age: 32
Resides: Minneapolis.
Personal: Married (Heidi).
AG Web site:

Mary Kiffmeyer Mary Kiffmeyer (GOP)
Incumbent Mary Kiffmeyer says she's worked hard to update the state's election system, particulary in light of irregularities in Florida's 2000 presidential balloting. And she says she's made efforts to encourage the participation of younger voters.
Education: St. Gabriel's School of Nursing. Attended Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Occupation: Secretary of State
Age: 55
Personal: Married (Ralph). Four children. Resides in Big Lake.
Web site:

Andrew Koebrick Andrew Koebrick (Green)
Green Party candidate Andrew Koebrick currently works for the state planning department. He says the Minnesota's election system should be modified to allow voters to rank all candidates on the ballot rather than simply select one of them. This method -- known as instant run-off voting -- would allow voters' second, third, or lower choices to count if their first choices failed to gain much support. Koebrick says Minnesota is known for pioneering election reforms.
Education: B.A., St. Olaf College; M.S. University of North Carolina
Age: 34
Personal: Single. Resides in St. Paul
Web site:

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