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Session 2002

Because of the shift in population documented by the 2000 Census, Minnesota lawmakers will decide on redrawn eight congressional district and 201 legislative district lines that better represent the proportion of the population. Suburbs will likely grow in political power, and rural Minnesota will likely lose some influence. Redistricting, however, is one of the most politically charged debates, since the decision will directly impact the future of the political parties in charge of making it.


Steven Schier, political analyst. Listen (3/19/02)

Analyst Wy Spano discusses redistricting (Midday 1/29/02)
The redistricting battle (Midday 3/28/01)


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At-A-Glance A court's redistricting plan changed Minnesota's political landscape. The maps placed two U.S. House incumbents, Democrat Bill Luther and Republican Mark Kennedy, in the same district. In an unusual twist, the two ended up switching districts. Luther now will face Republican John Kline, whom he has defeated twice. The panel of judges also pitted 18 of 67 state senators and 34 of 134 representatives against each other. Many are retiring and a handful have moved into other districts. Redistricting happens once each decade to coincide with population shifts.

Latest News at the Capitol
Redistricting plan due today
Mar. 19 - - Minnesota's congressional map will be redrawn into five urban and three rural districts under a court redistricting plan released Tuesday, acknowledging the state's population shift in the last decade. For years, the state has had a four-four split, but nearly 60 percent of the state's people now live in the 13-county area in and around the Twin Cities.
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Panel hears redistricting arguments
A special five-judge panel Wednesday heard oral arguments on how to redraw the state's political boundaries. (1/16/02)
Redistricting battle looms
Political consultants are already sharpening their map-drawing pencils with an eye towards the once-in-a-decade redistricting battle. (3/28/01)