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The race for Governor 1998 

The Candidate | Issue Statements | Debates | The Inauguration

T H E   C A N D I D A T E

Candidate Profile (7/8/98) Listen | Read
Candidacy Statement (10/98) Listen
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I S S U E   S T A T E M E N T S

Education (7/29/98) Listen | Read
Taxes (8/5/98) Listen | Read
Welfare (8/10/98) Listen | Read
Health Care (8/20/98) Listen | Read
Economic Development (8/26/98) Listen | Read
Crime (9/1/98) Listen | Read
The Environment (9/11/98) Listen | Read


September 13, 1998
DFL Gubernatorial Candidates' Debate
Listen Hour One | Listen Hour Two | About the Debate

October 1, 1998
Gubernatorial Debate from Brainerd
(Coleman, Humphrey, Ventura)
Listen (One hour)

October 16, 1998
Gubernatorial Debate from Duluth
(Coleman, Humphrey, Ventura)
Listen Hour One | Listen Hour Two

October 30, 1998
Gubernatorial Debate from St. Paul
(Coleman, Humphrey, Ventura)
Listen Hour One | Listen Hour Two | Listen Hour Three

T H E   I N A U G U R A T I O N

The swearing-in of the new Governor proved to be an historic media event. Now you can listen to the entire inauguration or Jesse's first address as governor.
Listen Entire Speech | Listen Hour One | Listen Hour Two