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State of the State
Gov. Ventura delivered the final State of the State address of his term, and he used the speech to provide Minnesotans with his perspective on the state's budget problems. January 4, 2001
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Venture Capitalists
Gov. Jesse Ventura talked about the economy in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. He spoke to loocal venture capitalists and entrepreneurs gathered at the Minneapolis Convention Center. October 4, 2001

Minnesota Meeting
Gov. Jesse Ventura warned legislators not to expect him to break a deadlock between the House and Senate by calling a special session. He said the state should expect a government shutdown. May 17, 2001

National Press Club
Gov. Jesse Ventura discussed his political future during a luncheon at the National Press Club. He vowed not to take, or spend, any campaign funds if he decides to run for re-election in 2002. February 26, 2001

Gauging Ventura
Gov. Jesse Ventura spoke at a Humphrey Institute Forum, discussing the effect of Minnesota's tripartisan government. January 16, 2001
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The State of the State
Gov. Jesse Ventura gave his second State of the State address on January 4, 2001 in the House chamber at the Capitol. His themes stressed primarily tax reform. January 4, 2001

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The Radio-Television News Directors Association
Gov. Jesse Ventura lectured radio and television news directors on their role covering the news Friday. Ventura described the media as "jackals," in his latest book. He spoke to the international convention of the Radio-Television News Directors Association in Minneapolis. September 15, 2000

The Panetta Forum
On June 12, 2000, Governor Ventura was a guest at the University of California Monterey Leon Panetta forum. The former White House chief of staff talked to Ventura about his career. Listen

Wrigley Field
During a trip to Chicago on May 3rd to promote Minnesota tourism, Governor Ventura sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley Field. (Courtesy: WGN Television) Listen

Ventura Vetoes Abortion Bill
In what he said was the toughest decision since assuming office, Ventura vetoed the so-called "Woman's Right to Know" bill, which would've required a waiting period before a woman could obtain an abortion. (4/14/00)

Ventura Makes Stand on Minn
Shortly before the Senate handed Ventura his biggest legislative defeat, Governor Ventura had plenty to say in an address before rural telephone company executives. (2/23/00) Listen

Ventura "Disassociates" Himself From National Reform Party
The split comes in a major rift with Perot-backed forces within the Reform Party. (2/11/00) Listen

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The Governor's Inauguration Speech
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Ventura's State of the State Address

Ventura's Address at the National Press Club (2/22/99)
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Ventura to Farmers: Deal With It
Ventura outlines his vision of rural Minnesota. (8/12/99) Listen

Ventura Apologizes for Playboy Flap
In October, Ventura suffered his first major crisis in office, an interview in Playboy in which he made disparaging remarks about religion and people who commit suicide. (10/1/99)

Minnesota Meeting
Ventura speaks to Minnesota Meeting in a nationwide Web event. (12/1/99)