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Minnesota Citizens' Forum: Education
Monday February 15, 1999

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January 11 1999

Steve Sviggum
Speaker of the House
Roger D. Moe
Senate Majority Leader
Jesse Ventura

This month's guests are: Gov. Jesse Ventura, House Speaker Steve Sviggum, Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe, and Children, Families and Learning Commissioner Christine Jax. The topic is: K-12 education issues and priorities in the governor's budget. We expect a great deal of discussion about the Profile of Learning, funding for public schools, class sizes, etc.

The hosts are: MPR's Political correspondent Martin Kaste, and Lou Harvin, co-host of KTCA's Newsnight Minnesota.

The Minnesota Citizens' Forum, sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio, the Star-Tribune of Minneapolis and KTCA-TV, provides a vehicle for people to engage in a discussion of public issues. Through these forums, reporters and editors were able to focus candidates during 1998 on issues that are most important to our listeners, viewers, and readers. With the Ventura administration underway, the Minnesota Citizens Forum will allow elected officials to stay in touch with the opinions of the voters.

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