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Every day, we provide a photo scrapbook of Ventura's trip to Japan. Be sure to stop by often for the latest photos.

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Governor Ventura is off to Japan. Ventura and a delegation of officials will spend ten days out of the country. The trip will include some sightseeing, but will also involve official business. Ventura will meet with U.S. Ambassador Tom Foley and also try to promote tourism and trade.

Martin Kaste's Reporter's Notebook

November 8 "The telling moment came this evening, as Ventura held yet another "media availability" before a tourism-promotion party at a local luxury hotel. He was there, in front of the microphones, all ours for fifteen minutes, and none of us really had anything we wanted to ask him."

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The Train to Osaka
In a few hours, it will be Wednesday morning in Japan, the day Governor Ventura returns to Minnesota. Ventura spent the last day-and-a-half finishing up business in Tokyo, then riding the Bullet Train to the industrial city of Osaka for an overnight visit on his way home. The governor seems to be very satisfied with the way his Japan trip has gone, November 9, 1999

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Why the Difference?
Governor Ventura visited a model Tokyo High School early this morning, and, as usual, he was a big hit with the kids. His philosophy of smaller class sizes was also popular among the students, who say Japan might have something to learn from the U.S. when it comes to giving children individualized attention. November 8, 1999
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Minnesota Farmers Get a Deal
Today was agriculture day in Governor Ventura's trade mission to Japan. Ventura announced a new export deal for a farmer-owned pork packaging company from western Minnesota, and hailed the contract as the best hope for family farmers who want to preserve their way of life.