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Art and the Taxpayer
What should Minnesota's public policy be toward financing the arts? Midday's Gary Eichten considers that question on the last day of the legislative session with several guests, including former governor Arne Carlson. Listen online. (Midday 5/18/00)

The Last Days
MPR's Midday program originated from the Captiol on May 9th as legislators raced to finish the session. Listen to the two-hour broadcast. Hour one includes interviews with legislative leaders.
Hour One
Hour Two

Trying to Break the Stalemate
House Speaker Steve Sviggum and Senate Majority Leader join MPR's Gary Eichten for a discussion of negotiations underway to break the budget logjam and end the 2000 legislative session. Listen online. Midday - 5/2/00

Ventura on Midday
In the waning days of the 2000 session of the Minnesota Legislature, Governor Jesse Ventura joins Gary Eichten's on MPR's Midday to discuss his legislative initiatives and answer listener questions about his decisions thusfar. Listen online. Midday - 4/25/00

Tax Stalemate
Minnesota House Speaker Steve Sviggum and Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe join MPR's Gary Eichten to talk about taxes and spending as well as Sviggum's threat to end the session without a tax-relief package. Listen online. Midday - 4/5/00

Tax Cut Fever
The three ruling factions of Minnesota - House, Senate and Governor Ventura - all have different ideas for cutting taxes. On Monday, the Minnesota House voted in favor of a tax relief package totaling more than $3 billion over the next three years. It sets up a showdown with the Senate, and possibly Governor Ventura. What will happen now? How much (if at all) should taxes be cut? Midday's Gary Eichten talked with legislative leaders and listeners. Listen online. Midday - 3/28/00

The Abortion Battleground
It's a rare legislative session that doesn't include a battle over abortion. But even veteran Legislature watchers were surprised that a proposal to commission a bust of U.S. Supreme Court Justice (and Minnesota native) Harry Blackmun sparked a debate. Blackmun wrote the landmark Roe vs. Wade abortion case. MPR's Katherine Lanpher talked to people on both sides of the issue and found out why the debate over a statue is growing so emotional. Listen online. Midmorning - 3/23/00

DNR Funding
What's the best way to pay for the state's natural resources. Some lawmakers and outdoor advocates believe that the only way to assure funding is through a constitutional amendment. Under the proposal, voters would decide this fall if a portion of the state's sales tax would be permanently designated for the great outdoors. While the amendment has the support of such sporting celebrities as Bud Grant, it has its political detractors who argue that there are other ways to budget, and if we aren't careful, we'll soon have a constitution bristling with amendments to fund different interests. Midmorning's Katherine Lanpher talked about the idea. Listen online Midmorning - 3/20/00

The Future of the Profile of Learning
Most everyone seems to agree that the state's Profile of Learning graduation standardneeds to be changed in some way. But unless legislators can agree on how to change the program, it will remain in place. MPR's Midday takes a closer look at the changes that are being discussed and how they might address some of the concerns that have been expressed about the Profile of Learning. Listen online.Midday - 3/15/00

Rural Issues before the Legislature
Rural Roads and Bridges - Governor Ventura's transportation plan and how it affects rural Minnesota. Mainstreet special - 3/14/00
Wolf management- Another proposal is before the Legislature to regulate the wolf population, but activists on both sides of the issue are still not satisfied with the DNR's proposal.Mainstreet special - 3/14/00

How Are We Doing?
Halfway through the legislative session, House Speaker Steve Sviggum and Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe are among those participating in a legislative report card with MPR's Gary Eichten. Midday - 3/06/00
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The Rights of the Many vs The Rights of the Few
A new bill proposed by state representative Mindy Greiling would make it easier to commit people with mental illness who refuse treatment and pose a threat to themselves or others. Katherine Lanpher holds a discussion of this issue. Guests: Mindy Greiling, state representative from Roseville and Cynthia Nugent Hart, member of the State Advisory Council on Mental Health. Midmorning - 2/28/00
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Minn Heads for Showdown
Steve Minn, Governor Ventura's nominee to head a combined Department of Commerce and Department of Public Service, was MPR's Gary Eichten's guest on Tuesday February 22. Minn faces a showdown with the Legislature, which seems poised to reject his appointment. Midday - 2/22/00
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Expanding Hate Crimes Legislation
The Minnesota Legislature is considering an expansion of the state's hate crimes legislation by mandating tougher sanctions. Opponents argue the law creates a special class of protection. Are all crimes hate crimes? MPR's Katherine Lanpher talks with the bill's sponsor and a lobbyist who opposes the legislation. Midmorning - 2/10/00
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The Unicameral Debate
Governor Ventura says a unicameral legislature is his big priority for government reform. Two guests discussed the issue on MPR's Midday on February 8th. Former Governor Wendell Anderson who is opposed to unicameral, and former State Senator Gene Merriam who is co-chair of Minnesotans for a Single House Legislature appeared on the program. Midday - 2/8/00
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The Session Begins
Hear from officials of both parties as the 2000 session begins. MPR's Gary Eichten hosts this two-hour Midday program, which is packed with information previewing the session. Midday - 2/1/00
Hour One | Hour Two

Wolf Management
A compromise proposal to manage the gray wolf population is getting a bad reaction from people who want to protect the animal, and farmers who want to protect theirs. Learn more about the plan and hear both sides of the issue. Katherine Lanpher talks to those involved.Midmorning - 1/28/00

The Future of the Republican Party
Ron Eibensteiner , Minnesota chair of the Republican Party joins Sarah Janacek, one of the editors of the newsletter Politics in Minnesota for a discussion of Minnesota politics in the wake of the defections of two Republican politicians. Midmorning - 1/19/00

Debate: How Private Should Public Records Be?
A Midmorning debate on limiting commercial access to state records and a discussion of the GOP privacy law proposals. 1/11/00