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Issue: Unicameralism - Archived Stories and Audio (by Date)

The Unicameral Bills:
House Bill - HF 159
Status HF159
Senate Bill 43
Status Senate 43


House Research Department: Unicameralism
Political scientists and students of legislatures have long debated the relative merits of bicameral and unicameral state legislatures. (Nebraska is the only single-house state legislature in the country; the others are bicameral.) This publication attempts to summarize the arguments commonly advanced on both sides of this debate.

Ventura's Responses
Governor Ventura has provided responses to the 10 top criticisms of a unicameral legislature.

House Research Office: Nebraska
This publication describes the distinctive organization and lawmaking procedures of the Nebraska Legislature, the only single-house state legislature in the nation. (The District of Columbia, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands also have unicameral legislative assemblies.)

Citizens' Committee for a Single House
This group was formed to inform Minnesotans that a majority of the House and Senate must approve a proposal to put a Constitutional amendment on the ballot.

OUCH: Opponents of a UniCameral House
Opponents of a UniCameral House (OUCH) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to increase public awareness about the advantages of our current two house legislature versus the proposed single house system.

Unicameralism Makes A Comeback
Once given up for dead, Governor Jesse Ventura's legislative priority makes a return at the State Capitol. 5/1/00

Unicameral Bill Staggers After House Hit
Governor Jesse Ventura's push to create a one-house legislature stumbled not once, but twice at the Capitol. A House committee killed a bill that would have let voters decide the issue in the fall. Later in the day, an attempt to revive the measure on the house floor met stiff resistance and was abandoned. 3/10/00

Unicameral Has Few Fans in Rural Minnesota
Governor Jesse Ventura's push for a unicameral legislature is his top priority for the 2000 legislative session. The issue has spawned a loud and long debate. In outstate Minnesota, there is a growing concern that a one-house legislature would be bad news for rural areas. 2/29/00

Senate Wounds Unicameral Bill
A proposal to create a one-house state legislature has stumbled out of a Senate committee in a mixed victory for unicameral supporters. Though the committee sent the plan forward to the next committee stop, lawmakers signalled their opposition by voting down a recommendation that it pass. 2/23/00

Unicameralism Survives First Test
A proposed constitutional amendment to create a one-house state legislature took a small but important step forward Monday. A House committee unanimously approved a measure to put the question on November's ballot. It's the first time a unicameral proposal has passed a legislative committee. 2/14/00

Unicameral Proposal Gets First Legislative Airing
The unicameralism debate has finally opened at the state Capitol. Last night Governor Jesse Ventura and key lawmakers presented the case for a one-house state legislature to legislators themselves.2/8/00

The One House Debate
Minnesota lawmakers will take up Governor Ventura's top priority: whether to put a one-house legislature on the November ballot. Ventura is staking his political clout on the issue, but its prospects at the Capitol are far from certain.1/31/00