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JULY 2001

Midmorning wraps up Session 2001
MPR's Katherine Lanpher hosts a call-in look at the session, with listeners venting about or applauding the work of the Legislature. Minneapolis Star Tribune Capitol reporter Dane Smith is a guest. Listen. Midmorning - 7/02/01

The view from the Capitol
MPR's Capitol reporter Michael Khoo joins MPR's Gary Eichten for a wrap-up of the legislative session. Listen. Midday - 7/02/01

JUNE 2001

Ventura Chides Lawmakers
Gov. Ventura says he's disappointed that lawmakers made little progress over the weekend toward avoiding a government shutdown. Senate Democrats are willing to accept Ventura's compromise budget plan, but House Republicans are holding out for changes. Ventura commented on the state of the stalemate during an appearance on Midday on Minnesota Public Radio. Listen. Midday - 6/25/01

Face Off
Staring at a government shutdown on July 1, 2001, Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe and House Speaker Steve Sviggum faced each other on MPR's Midday with Gary Eichten to examine their differences preventing passage of a state budget. Listen. Midday - 6/22/01

Stuck in Neutral
On Tuesday, Senate Democrats canceled a meeting with House Republicans and Gov. Ventura, saying there was nothing new to discuss. On July 1, state government will have to shut down if some agreement on those basic issues isn't reached. On Midday, legislative leaders Steve Swiggum and Roger Moe debated the reasons for the stalemate. Listen. Midday - 6/6/01

K-12 Funding
MPR's Midday looks at the future of higher education in Minnesota. Guests are two key lawmakers who reached agreement on the higher education funding bill this session: Republican Rep. Peggy Leppik and DFL Sen. Deanna Wiener. Listen. Midday - 6/5/01

MAY 2001

The Deal
MPR's Midday looks at the agreement for a new state budget, that precedes a special session of the Legislature. Guest: Sen. John Hottinger. Mike Edgerly hosts Listen. Midday - 5/28/01

What Now?
MPR's Midday with Gary Eichten considers what happens now that the Legislature has ended its session without approving major tax and spending bills. In the first hour, Gov. Ventura hints that he may tie calling a special session to a vote on a unicameral legislature. In the second hour, House Speaker Steve Sviggum and Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe respond, and discuss their disagreements. (Hour One | Hour Two). Midday - 5/22/01

At the Deadline
MPR's Midday with Gary Eichten broadcast from the Capitol as the 2001 legislative session ended with no final action on major bills. Guests included Gov. Jesse Ventura, Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe, and House Speaker Steve Sviggum. (Hour One | Hour Two). Midday - 5/21/01

Still No Deal
Aides to Gov. Jesse Ventura presented Senate and House leaders with a new budget plan, keeping alive hopes they can work out a last-minute deal that might avert the need for a special session. But there was still no deal to that would keep the government functioning. MPR's Midday discussed the stalemate. Listen. Midday - 5/18/01

Abortion Bill
Abortion politics is once again front and center at the Minnesota Legislature. A measure that would require women to wait 24 hours before receiving an abortion has been added to a Health and Human Services bill that would fund a wide range of social service programs in Minnesota. Guests: Ventura Spokesman John Wodele, Republican House Speaker Steve Sviggum, and Senate Majority Leader DFLer Roger Moe. Listen. Midday - 5/15/01

Stadium Debate
Listeners debate the merits of a bill providing support for construction of a new stadium for the Minnesota Twins. Listen. Midday - 5/14/01

Legislature Update
Minnesota legislators are trying to finish their work on legislation that will affect every person in the state of Minnesota. Complicating their work is the calendar. Legislators must finish their work and go home by May 21st. Guests: Dee Long, who served 20 years in the Minnesota House as a DFLer from Minneapolis; Joanne Benson, former St. Cloud Republican state senator. Listen. Midday - 5/11/01

The Stadium Bill
As surprising as the Twins have been on the field, the story that is unfolding at the state Capitol may be even more surprising. Just three weeks ago, the Twins' latest attempt to get a new ballpark was officially declared "dead" by the Speaker of the Minnesota House. But like the Phoenix, the Twins ballpark plan will resurface and now House leaders are promising a vote on the proposal. Listen. Midday - 5/4/01

Higher Education Funding
Although the public debate between University of Minnesota President Mark Yudof and Gov. Jesse Ventura has died down, the showdown has arrived over the size of the U of M's budget. Yudof visited with MPR's Midday program. Listen. Midday - 5/3/01

APRIL 2001

Sales Tax Expansion
The governor's plan to expand the sales tax has run into substantial opposition at the state Capitol. Sen. Bill Belanger, R-Bloomington, says the state should impose a sales tax on clothing. Listen. Midday - 4/18/01

Session Status Update
MPR's Midday hosted a show about the big issues at the Legislature this session, with legislative leaders Steve Sviggum, Republican speaker of the Minnesota House and DFL Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe. Sviggum. Listen. Midday - 4/06/01

MARCH 2001

Abortion-related Bills
Every year at the State Capitol there is a heated debate over abortion-related legislation. This year is no different. Two abortion related bills have cleared Minnesota House committees. Midday takes a look at both bills. Connie Perpich, Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and Jackie Schweitz, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life discuss a license-plate bill. Perpich and Rep. Linda Boudreau, R-Faribault, debate a 24-hour waiting period. Listen. Midday - 3/28/01

Wine and Beer Sales
Right now, liquor stores are the only place you can buy wine. But on March 23, 2001, the Minnesota House Commerce Liquor Subcommittee approved a bill that would allow Twin City-area supermarkets to start selling wine as well. Supporters of the measure say it's a simple matter of convenience for consumers. But opponents say the change would threaten the livelihood of mom-and-pop liquor stores and make it tougher to prevent minors from drinking.
Listen. Midday - 3/23/01

Educators vs. Ventura
Gov. Jesse Ventura is backing two proposals that could dramatically change education financing in Minnesota. The governor has charged repeatedly that no amount of education money ever seems to be enough. One of the big reasons, he says, is that whatever amount of money is appropriated for the schools is quickly eaten up in higher teacher salaries, eading the school districts to immediately ask for more. His education proposals could have a significant impact on education in Minnesota. Midday takes a closer look at those ideas.
Listen. Midday - 3/22/01

A Stadium for the Twins
For the first time in four years, a bill has been introduced at the Capitol to build the Twins a new stadium. And there are also separate efforts underway in both Minneapolis and St. Paul to build the Twins a new ballpark. However, opponents to the use of public money for a Twins stadium have not gone away. They are already criticizing this new stadium drive a misuse of public money and. Midday looks at what's being proposed and whether any of these new efforts have any real chance of succeeding.
Listen. Midday - 3/21/01

Casino Bills
Several bills to allow a state-run casino have surfaced at the Capitol. The latest is one which would create a casino at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, available only to travelers. A proposal would also create a partnership with Native American tribes.
Listen. Midmorning - 3/13/01

Minnesota's Gun Laws
A day after the shooting of two persons in a school in California, several Minnesota lobbyists and lawmakers joined MPR's Gary Eichten for a discussion about gun laws. Guests: Howard Orenstein of Citizens for a Safer Minnesota and State Rep. Lynda Boudreau. Both are calling for changes in gun laws.
Listen. Midday - 3/6/01


The U of M Budget
MPR's Gary Eichten hosted a 'Talk of Minnesota' special, inviting callers to comment on the University of Minnesota budget controversy. Listen. Midday - 2/21/01

Felony DWI
A bill moving through the Legislature this session calls for making a fourth DWI conviction within 10 years a felony. Guests: Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, Minneapolis defense attorney Jack Rice, and Republican State Rep. and Minneapolis Police Inspector Rich Stanek. Listen. Midday - 2/20/01

Pop in Schools
Rep. Gene Pelowski, DFL-Winona, discusses a proposed bill that would ban the sale of soda pop in high schools. Listen. Midmorning - 2/19/01

Ventura's Budget
Gov. Jesse Ventura visited MPR's Midmorning program to discuss his budget proposals. The governor also discussed his change of heart on mandatory seat-belt use and also his opposition to a state-run casino. Listen.2/8/01


A State-Run Casino
Katherine Lanpher talks with a state legislator who wants Minnesota to build a state-owned casino. Guest: Sen Dick Day, R-Owatonna. Listen.1/31/01

Midday's Talk of Minnesota program gives listeners a chance to talk about the governor's budget and the tax and spending priorites of MPR listeners. Listen.1/24/01

Ventura's Budget
Midday's Talk of Minnesota program gives listeners a chance to talk about the governor's budget and the tax and spending priorites of MPR listeners. Listen.1/24/01

Ventura's Budget
Katherine Lanpher and her guest talk about the budget proposal Gov. Ventura announced on January 23, 2001.Guest: Dave Hage, editorial writer for the Star Tribune. Listen.1/24/01

Katherine Lanpher and her guest talk about Venturaland, the upcoming comic strip in the Pioneer Press that will bear Gov. Ventura's name and likeness. Guest: Prof. Jane Kirtley, Director of the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. Listen.1/18/01

Katherine Lanpher and her guest talk about Venturaland, the upcoming comic strip in the Pioneer Press that will bear Gov. Ventura's name and likeness. Guest: Prof. Jane Kirtley, Director of the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. Listen.1/18/01

Extending the school year
MPR's Melanie Sommer talks about the national move towards longer school days and year-round schooling. Guest: Ruy Teixeria, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, a public-policy research group based in Washington.1/12/01

Curbing Ventura's Moonlighting
Rep. Phil Krinkie, R-Shoreview, discusses his bill to curtail the outside income of Gov. Jesse Ventura. Mel Sommer hosts. 1/12/01

A Stadium for the Twins?
Proponents of a new stadium for the Minnesota Twins talk with Midday's Gary Eichten. 1/11/01

Racial Profiling
A discussion about a proposed law that would work to prevent racial profiling by police officers. Guest: Rich Stanek, Republican State Representative from Maple Grove and a Minneapolis police captain; St. Paul police chief William Finney. 1/11/01

Education Funding Minnesota lawmakers and education officials are considering a new way to compensate the state's teachers. 1/10/01

Opening Session Special
MPR's Midday broadcast a two-hour special from the Capitol on January 3, 2001 - the opening day of the 2001 session. Guests included Senate Majority Ldr. Roger Moe, House Speaker Steve Sviggum and more. 1/3/01
Listen - Hour One | Listen - Hour Two