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Jesse in China
With China's entry into the WTO, Minnesota officials are attempting to capitalize on opportunities to expand Minnesota's business, government and cultural ties with China, and to increase exports in three key areas - information technology and communication, agriculture and processed foods, and medical products and services. The trip begins Friday June 7.


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• Richard Bohr of St. John's University and Roy Grow of Carleton College preview the trade mission. Listen (Midday 6/6/02)
•Ralph Kaehler, a St. Charles farmer, talks about his participation on the trade trip. Listen (Morning Edition 6/5/02)

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Ventura wraps up China trip
June 14 - Gov. Jesse Ventura is returning home to Minnesota, after a last day of events in Shanghai. Ventura visited the 3M facility and a children's hospital in that city. Ventura and some 100 government and business leaders have spent the last week in Beijing and Shanghai drumming up support for Minnesota goods and services. The governor and members of the delegation are calling the trip an unqualified success. (More)

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Ventura breezes into Shanghai
Jun. 13 - As Gov. Ventura wraps up his trip to China, he spent a typical day in office - meeting a former vice president, announcing a trade deal, and tacking a shot at the media that's following him.

Shopping with Ventura
Jun. 12 - Gov. Jesse Ventura arrived in Shanghai, the second stop on his trade mission to China. Before leaving Beijing, Ventura stopped at a supermarket to see Minnesota products on sale. Morning Edition's Cathy Wurzer talked with MPR reporter Michael Khoo, who is traveling with Ventura.

On to Shanghai
Jun. 11 - Gov. Jesse Ventura is heading from Beijing, China, to Shanghai for the next leg of his week-long Chinese trade mission. Earlier, Ventura sat down with top-level Chinese government officials to lay out a road map for further economic cooperation between Minnesota and China.

The pitfalls of business
Jun. 10 - On the second day of a massive trade mission to China, Gov. Jesse Ventura was honored by the Chinese government at a banquet at the Great Hall of the People. Earlier in the day, the entourage got a briefing from U.S. embassy staff about the pitfalls of doing business with China.

Ventura visits the Great Wall
Jun. 9 - Ventura began his trip Sunday morning with a visit to the country's most visible attraction: the Great Wall.

No human rights talk for trade mission, Ventura says
Jun. 7 - While Ventura's trip is billed as a trade mission, some are pressing Ventura to carry an additional message on human rights.



"I wasn't prepared for just how modern or just how mega." (More...)

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