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Session 2002

In his State of the State address, Gov. Ventura gave the Legislature until Feb. 5, to act on his budget recommendations or he would begin using "executive powers" to make cuts on his own. The state's latest revenue forecast suggests a budget shortfall of about $2 billion. With a tripartisan government, there is wide disagreement over how to balance the budget - tax increases, cuts in programs, or a combination thereof.

News Forum "Everyone is ranting and raving, 'no cuts' or 'no tax hikes.' Where does everyone think the money is going to come from?


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Gov. Ventura's budget cut proposals

DFL budget survey

GOP finances survey

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State Finance
Lawmakers voted to override Gov. Jesse Ventura's veto of its budget bill. The House voted 95-38, and the Senate voted shortly afterward 53-14, turning their plan to erase the state's budget deficit into law. In Ventura's veto message, he said lawmakers took the easy way out. The law fills a $439 million hole in the budget mostly by speeding up some tax collections and delaying some payments to schools and counties until the next budget cycle. Lawmakers conceded it wasn't the best plan, but said it got the job done. Earlier in the session, the Legislature had solved the first $1.95 billion shortfall for 2002-03.
Latest Finance News at the Capitol

Lawmakers override Ventura veto of budget-balancing bill
May 19- The Minnesota Legislature voted late Saturday night to override Gov. Ventura's veto of a budget bill. The bill erases the state's remaining $439 million projected deficit, but Gov. Ventura says lawmakers took the easy way out. While legislators overrode the budget veto in quick order, they struggled to agree on an anti-terrorism bill.

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