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April 2, 2002

MAY 2002

Arts organizations take hit in bonding bill vetoes (5/22/02)
It's Ventura's turn (5/20/02)
Vikings, Twins pick apart stadium bill (5/20/02)
Commuter rail axed in final bonding bill (5/19/02)
Lawmakers override Ventura veto of budget-balancing bill (5/19/02)
Legislature passes stadium bill (5/19/02)
Ventura may play hardball for commuter rail (5/16/02)
Budget deal on Ventura's desk (5/15/02)
Lawmakers reach budget deal; Ventura 'disappointed' (5/15/02)
Lawmakers race the clock for budget deal(5/13/02)
Budget deal proves elusive(5/13/02)
Lawmakers race the clock for budget deal(5/13/02)
Inching toward progress (5/8/02)
Ventura vows to fight outside income bill (5/3/02)
Lawmakers vow renewed effort to direct more money toward resources (5/2/02)

APRIL 2002

Change on the horizon for ATV riders (4/26/02)
Senate passes pledge requirement (4/25/02)
Tug-of-war over tobacco money escalates (4/24/02)
House may be warming to gas tax (4/17/02)
Theatrics take center stage at Capitol (4/11/02)
The rail debate (4/8/02)
Stadium bill unravels (4/5/02)
Twins attorney issues new demands as ballpark bill advances (4/3/02)

MARCH 2002

Enthusiasm for stadium bill waning (3/28/02)
'Not a dollar of common ground' (3/27/02)
House passes transportation bill (3/26/02)
Twins' contraction still a possibility, Selig says (3/26/02)
Minus abortion provision, budget bill advances in Senate (3/26/02)
House passes stadium bill(3/25/02)
House passes state workers contract without same-sex benefits (3/22/02)
Senate approves transportation plan; raises gas tax (3/21/02)
House passes anti-terrorism package (3/21/02)
House committee hands Twins, Ventura a stadium win (3/21/02)
Redistricting plan released (3/19/2002)
Longtime Senator Doug Johnson announces retirement (3/18/02)
On second try, bonding bill passes (3/18/02)
Ventura proposes stadium plan (3/15/02)
Bonding bill fails (3/15/02)
Feds drop tax bomb (3/15/02)
Senate passes stadium bill (3/13/02)
Abortion issue tied to budget (3/12/02)
Debate over diesel fuel additive reaches climax (3/12/02)
Ballpark financing plan advances... barely (3/12/02)
Senate, House far apart on 'phase two' budget fix (3/12/02)
Gas tax increase gets OK from House committee (3/8/02)
Stadium financing plan sent to full Senate (3/8/02)
House GOP plan pushes roads, not theaters (3/7/02)
Ventura says legislators have made Minnesota vulnerable to terrorists (3/7/02)
Ventura objects to budget cuts (3/1/02)


Senate follows suits; overrides Ventura (2/28/02)
Senate announces $7.5 billion transportation proposal (2/28/02)
On second try, House overrides Ventura (2/27/02)
House fails to override Ventura (2/26/02)
Ventura vetoes budget deal (2/25/02)
Ventura's back in budget picture (2/23/02)
No expansion of gambling (2/22/02)
Ventura plays cat-and-mouse with lawmakers over budget (2/22/02)
Budget deal: It's up to Ventura (2/21/02)
Twins stadium bills still alive (2/19/02)
Ventura cut out of budget deal (2/19/02)
Senate hands Ventura defeat with passage of bonding bill (2/18/02)
Ventura orders hiring freeze (2/14/02)
Anti-abortion bill gains at Capitol (2/14/02)
Anti-terrorism bills spark civil rights debate (2/14/02)
St. Paul stadium plan advances (2/14/02)
Domestic deal breaker? (2/14/02)
Commuter rail stalls at Capitol stop (2/12/02)
Senate passes budget (2/11/02)
Ventura scolds lawmakers over budget (2/8/02)
House Republicans release budget plan (2/7/02)
GOP, DFL lawmakers join forces for transportation plan (2/7/02)
House Republicans release budget plan (2/7/02)
Things are looking up for the Twins (2/6/02)
Scene of a showdown - Camp Coldwater spring (2/6/02)
The surrogate debate (2/6/02)
Anti-telemarketing bill advances (2/6/02)
Do-Not-Call bill gets committee approval (2/6/02)
No appetite for taxes(2/4/02)
Things are looking up for the Twins (2/6/02)
Scene of a showdown - Camp Coldwater spring (2/6/02)
The surrogate debate (2/6/02)
Anti-telemarketing bill advances (2/6/02)
Do-Not-Call bill gets committee approval (2/6/02)
No appetite for taxes(2/4/02)


Ventura proposes $16 million in four-year anti-terrorism plan (1/31/02)
House, Senate disagree over funding unemployment (1/30/02)
New senator makes history (1/30/02)
Task force ends work with recommendations for two stadiums (1/29/02)
State universities bracing for more budget cuts (1/29/02)
Profile of Learning debate likely to return (1/29/02)
Higher education, transit is winner in bonding derby (1/28/02)
Ventura facing first budget deficit fight (1/28/02)
Guns, gambling likely to spark legislative debate (1/25/02)
Election year politics could influence session (1/24/02)
Conservation Corps is target of budget ax (1/23/02)
Rally marks abortion decision anniversary (1/22/02)
Gas tax proposal panned (1/22/02)
Labor leaders blast tax cuts (1/22/02)
Redistricting: An exercise in politics (1/16/02)
Ventura puts unicameralism back on front burner(1/15/02)
Ventura recommends $746 million in bonding projects (1/14/02)
Lawmakers prepare response to Ventura (1/11/02)
Panel endorses stadium funding (1/11/02)
Governor proposes cuts, tax increases (1/10/02)

Metro school boards warn against state budget cuts
Political sniping threatens Capitol peace.
Large school district faces big budget cuts .
Ventura challenges lawmakers in State of the State address.
Arts group seeks bonding money
Critics of stadium drive becoming scarce
Bridging the gender gap in the governor's office
New leader, same agenda for MCCL
Legislature to consider broadening police authority