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A Collection of stories and audio from Ventura's trips 

China - June 2002
With China's entry into the WTO, Minnesota officials attempted to capitalize on opportunities to expand Minnesota's business, government and cultural ties with China, and to increase exports in three key areas - information technology and communication, agriculture and processed foods, and medical products and services. Ventura's trade delegation was one of the largest ever assembled.

Mexico - October 2000
Gov. Ventura headed a 70-member trade delegation to Mexico, hoping to increase the amount of trade the state has with the country.

California - June 2000
Gov. Ventura visited California, appeared on a soap opera, promoted his book, and spoke at a forum sponsored by Leon Panetta.

Japan - November 1999
Gov. Ventura and a delegation of officials spent ten days in Japan. The trip included some sightseeing, but also involved official business. Ventura spent much of the time promoting tourism and trade.