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Governor Jesse Ventura's Budget - Ongoing coverage from MPR's newsroom
1999 Legislative Session
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May 13th
State Budget.
February 15th
January 11th
Spending the Surplus.

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See how much you would get back from the state under the sales tax rebate passed by the Legislature.

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Budget Quick Glance
Governor Jesse Ventura put his imprint on state government that stresses support for education and reduced assessments to taxpayers when he submitted his first budget to the legislature January 28. For someone who was criticized during the 1998 campaign for not spelling out specifics of how he would govern and what his priorities are, the budget is the most in-depth glimpse yet into how Ventura translates his libertarian philosophy to the nuts-and-bolts of operating a state. Read more.

Budget Highlights
Where the Money Comes From
Where the Money Goes
New Programs and Projects
Listen to Governor Ventura deliver his budget (Jan. 28).
Listen to Governor Ventura's interview with Midmorning's Katherine Lanpher (Jan. 29).


February 1, 1999
Listen to the archived broadcast with Governor Ventura, Speaker Sviggum, and Senate Majority Leader Moe
Part One | Part Two | Part Three
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May 18
Legislature Adjourns - Martin Kaste
Text | Listen
Who Won? - Laura McCallum
Text | Listen
Education is Big Winner in Session - Michael Khoo
Text | Listen

Business Leaders Rate the Session - Bill Catlin
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May 13
Legislature Votes To Use Tobacco Money As Endowments - Laura McCallum
Text | Listen

May 12
Republicans Give In On Spending Bill - Martin Kaste
Text | Listen
Legislators Give LRT a Lift - Dan Olson
Text | Listen

May 11
Lawmakers, Ventura Agree on Tax Rebates - Martin Kaste
Text | Listen

April 27
House Passes K-12 Bill - Martin Kaste
Text | Listen

March 19
Non-Profits Want Cuts Restored - Karen Louise Boothe Text | Listen

February 15
Citizens' Forum: Education spending - Karen Louise Boothe Text | Listen

February 10
Students, Ventura Clash Over Education Spending - Martin Kaste Text | Listen

February 9
Senate approves sales-tax rebate - Martin Kaste Text | Listen

February 1
House Committee Deals Blow to Rebate Plan - Laura McCallum Text | Listen

January 29
Ventura's Budget Proposal - Martin Kaste Text | Listen
Tourism Gets Boost in Budget - Mark Zdechlik Text | Listen
Education Wins in Ventura Budget - Tim Pugmire Text | Listen
Legislators React - Laura McCallum Text | Listen
Transit Budget - Dan Olson Text | Listen
Public Broadcasters Decry Cuts - Chris Robert Text | Listen
Who gets the money in a tax rebate? - Martin Kaste Text | Listen


Roger D. Moe - Senate Majority Leader
The budget has received generally favorable reaction from Democrats. Moe applauds Ventura's decision to earmark winnings in the state tobacco trial for programs and endowments.

Steve Sviggum - Speaker of the House
Republicans have issued their own report card of the budget. The Speaker of the House is not satisfied.

Mark G. Yudof - University of Minnesota President
Higher Education received substantial support in the governor's budget. The President of the University considers it a victory.